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The management of Train Hungary follows 3 principal directions under the sign of quality:


  • developement of logistical tools (fleet) what tkaes the grow in number of them and the enhancement of their quality from a technical performance point of view,
  • raise of service quality which we offer to are current and future clients by emproving our technical abilities, computerising more and more activities, enhancement of communication in order to find the optimal solutions as fast as possible,
  • continuous training of our human resource involved in long term developement projects.


Gratian Calin


Schubert Gyöngyi

Sales manager

Béres Barna

Operations manager

Ruzsa Zoltán

quality manager

Mező Virág

Chief financial officer

The Train Hungary developement principles have in mind all standards of compatibility and interoperatibility within the European railway network by respecting all norms, dispositions and regulations in Hungary.