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We have continuous success because we can manage to attract, develope and motivate people that bring significant contribution to the company’s developement and growth.

As a company in continuous growth we have adopted the following principles:


  • developement and continuous management of our employees.
  • to attract, select and promote talents from all levels and relevant fields.
  • to grow the next generation of talents for key positions within the company.
  • to build a work environment which allows people to learn while experiencing.
  • our care towards our employees.
  • to ensure a secure and healthy workplace to all of our employees.
  • treat every employee fairly and always according to the situation in question.
  • to discover and respect differences in each and every employee and use it as a competitional advantage.
  • teamwork and assuming responsabilities.
  • building effective teams.
  • to assume responsability for our own decision and acts.
  • to represent and contribute to ideas that were taken by the team.

At Train Hungary we fully entrust the professionalism of our employees because they are who make difference between us and other compeeting companies. We would to attract, recruit and develope employees who have capacities, dedication and ambition to have success in a result oriented business.

Thanks to their hard work and their continuous aknowledgement Train Hungary quickly became of the most successful Hungarian railway operators. Send your CV to our email address at  and you might became a new member of our team.